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Wirral Events Photography is the website of the Wirral based Artist, Dave Venables making original, beautiful, and quirky art from popular Wirral locations and events.

I studied art to degree level in the 1970's in Wirral and South Wales. As a child I developed an interest in painting through my father, who loved the works of John Constable, he encouraged and showed me painting and drawing techniques using poster paint, tempera, and various crayons. I was influenced by "pop" culture; TV, music, fashion,newspapers, magazines, film and various galleries around Merseyside.

At College I began to take photography seriously, my appreciation of art history and current work exploded and I began to see myself as an artist, particularly a painter and photographer.

I will be uploading images of my art to make it available to view through these pages. While you may not have the original piece most will be available to you as downloads for your digital devices.